The idea for Vegan Happy Hour was born from the annoyance of going to the bar at happy hour to find that the only thing you can eat are the lettuce wraps. Don’t get me wrong, beer by itself is fan-flipping-tastic, and lettuce wraps have their place, but there is nothing that makes a happy hour happier than finger sized comfort food washed down by an ice cold brew.

The recipes in this blog are born out of lust for the other items on the happy hour menu that I wish I had been eating, minus the animal products. While I’m not a culinary master, I am proficient enough in Google to gather inspiration and tailor existing recipes to my liking.

That being said, don’t eat vegan happy hour food at every meal. It isn’t good for you. But please enjoy having your own vegan happy hour food at home or at parties or just use the recipes to impress your friends.

If you have had similar experiences and would like to submit an article on the happy hour food you wished you had been eating, send it our way. If you have an idea for a vegan food item you want to see a recipe for, send a request.

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